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Core & Stability Routine

By: Mat Steinmetz

This is a core/stability program that is simple to follow and does a great job of targeting your core, hip and glute region.

I wrote about the strength program that I have my athletes use last week. Once your strength program has been established, I'll have them insert this stability routine in place of one of their strength sessions. This is a routine you can perform throughout the year while your strength training is in maintenance mode.


David McHenry...

As the head strength and conditioning coach for the Oregon Project, physical therapist David McHenry is tasked with keeping 2012 Olympians Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Dathan Ritzenhein and Matthew Centrowitz healthy.

Every week, McHenry puts each of them through three individual sessions targeting their deep rotator muscles in their core, hips and glutes that running often neglects. McHenry has adapted the most common exercises he puts his Olympians through, into exercises that runners of all levels can do and benefit from.

Click the link below

The Oregon Project Stability Routine

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