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A proper bike fit is the greatest performance upgrade you can make to your bike. 
Fit Services
$300 - Dynamic Bike Fit 
Optimized rider positioning on current bicycle.  
$450 - Fit For New Bike Purchase (2 part session)
Don't make the $$$ mistake.  Get fit before you buy. 
$150 - Online Fit Consultation
If you can't make it to a qualified fit professional, we can provide you with an online consultation. 

What's Included

All fits comprise of a thorough interview process discussing each client's individual cycling history, goals, previous injury, and current riding discomforts.  

Step 1: Diagnostic Capture

Diagnostic biomechanical analysis of current 3D body kinematics and bicycle fit coordinates.  

Step 2: The Fit

The use of a dynamic fit bike to make real time adjustments to the rider position to quickly extract valuable rider feedback. Along with 3D motion analysis tooling to determine your optimal position. 

Step 3: Complete Bike Solutions

Comprehensive digital reports of 3D and 2D body parameters and 3D bicycle fit coordinates.  Fit for new bike purchases also includes a list of compatible bikes based on your individual fit coordinates. 

Mat Steinmetz

Armed with degrees in exercise physiology and sports performance from a mecca of sports science, the Human Performance Lab at Ball State University, Mat Steinmetz has been trusted by top riders in the pro peloton as well as numerous triathlon world champions. Steinmetz is routinely mentioned as one of the most sought after resources in triathlon and was named one of Inside Triathlon’s 10 Most Influential People.

I want people to enjoy riding their bikes.  A bike fitter is the bridge between product and client satisfaction.  I take pride in the role I play in keeping people happy out on the road.  

                                                                       - Mat



Good tools don't make the fitter - but a good fitter should have the right tools. 
Fit Technology

Mat uses the best available fit tooling on the market.  Coupled with his fit skill and ability, these tools allow for accurate measures of the body and bike, documentation of the fitting process, time efficiency and the extraction of valuable client feedback.  

Guru Dynamic Fit Unit
Retul Muve 
ROR Motion Capture
Retul 3D Motion Capture
Saddle Demo Program
Fit Studio Location
Located inside Colorado Multisport
2480 Canyon Blvd,
Boulder, CO 80302
By appointment: Monday-Sunday
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