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51 SPEEDSHOP Indy offers a complete line extension of the services available through this site.  However, since we are a separate location we have our own pricing that may differ slightly due to local cost and pricing structure.  Additionally, being a stand alone location we have the opportunity to offer additional services and products listed below.  The Indianapolis location is run by Dave Ripley and is available by appointment between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week. 



Before making a significant investment in a new bike, a 51 SPEEDSHOP bike fit can help you guarantee you are purchasing the correct size.


If you already own a bike, a proper bike fit is the greatest performance upgrade you can make to your bike and your overall performance.


We work closely with several bicycle and equipment manufacturers and have the ability to place you on the bike of your choice.  

We will maintain your triathlon or road bike to the highest levels of product specification ensuring that you have maximized all performance capabilities.  


We will work with you to completely align you and your bike equipment, making sure that your performance profile is optimized within the value proposition that best fits you.

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Dave Ripley came to triathlon and cycling from a long term career in the aerospace field. The aerodynamic foundation learned while working with Rolls Royce gas turbine engine company, along with an in depth working knowledge of close tolerance machining has given him the basis to jump into the deep end of aero technology and product development. Nine years at Zipp Speed Weaponry, working with everything from product design to Technical Public Relations has allowed him to transfer this data driven background to athletes and how they optimize their equipment choices for maximum performance and minimal compromises. Since completing multiple bike fitting courses, and studying with Mat for the last several years, Dave has become a valuable addition to the 51 SpeedShop family as a bike fitter and performance consultant.

Dave Ripley
Hours of opporation

By appointment only

Monday - Sunday



2611 E 55th Place,

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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