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I believe when you first start coaching, you typically have one approach.  As you gain experience, learn, and work with a wide variety of athletes, you develop varying approaches depending on they type of athlete that you're working with.  

I've worked with a wide variety of athletes over the years...

  • Have never done a triathlon

  • Ironman World Champion

  • Teenager racing draft legal sprint distance

  • Olympic hopeful

  • Professional trying to win long course world championships

  • New Professional trying to breakthrough

  • Amateur winning their age-group

  • Athlete racing for self improvement and health

  • Time constrained athletes with performance goals

Pillars of performance

Endurance: The stamina to move across a distance at a desired effort/pace. 

Strength: The ability to apply force.

Durability/Resilience: The ability to train without injury or breakdown. 

Qualification & Ability


There is no speed component to work with me.  I'm best suited for self motivated Half and Iron distance athletes.  I'm less concerned with your motives, ability, or athletic long as you can wake up each morning and consistently train.  



Coaching starts at $375/month and is adjusted based on your needs.  Coaching is prescribed around your unique schedule with the ability to make quick adjustments to your program.  The goal is to help you reach your goals will working within your life's schedule. 


  • Review of goals and objectives

  • Annual training plan construction

  • Training delivered in 2-4 week blocks via

  • Schedule adjustments as needed

  • Review of your progress

  • Email, phone calls & text as needed

  • “A” race plan covered in detail

  • Power and pace consulting

  • Equipment optimization

  • Discounts on sponsor products and 51 gear



Coaches are available for consulting on a number of topics.  Typical topics include, but are not limited to:


  • Race Execution Reviews

  • Annual Planning 

  • Physiological and Performance Testing

  • Setting up your basic week

  • Nutritional Reviews and Assistance

  • Bio-mechanical Analysis and Technical Coaching

  • Equipment optimization


Cost is $50 to $150 per hour depending on your needs.

All packages are paid quarterly in advance with a 30 day written notice to cease billing. 

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