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While continuing to work with the worlds best, Steinmetz started his own company 51 SPEEDSHOP and opened his coaching, bike fitting and consulting services to age group athleteS. As a pioneer in the bike fitting industry Steinmetz was brought on by Guru Fit Systems to help develop their fit protocol and curriculum for prospective bike fitters.


Most recently Steinmetz delved into the bicycle component business under the 51 SPEEDSHOP brand.  Bike fitters are the bridge between manufacturers and consumer satisfaction.  With Mat's fit expertise, the 51 SPEEDSHOP product will focus on integrating the bike's contact points with the rider. 


In 2017 we saw the proprietary 51 SPEEDSHOP cockpit in the Tour De France aboard the AG2R La-Mondiale team's Factor time trial bikes. There was also an emergence of professional triathletes aboard the 51 SPEEDSHOP aerobar extensions and arm cups. 


With everything from coaching to aerodynamic product development under his belt Steinmetz has proven to be a master of his craft and the pinnacle of knowledge in endurance sport.


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Renowned in the cycling and triathlon world Mat Steinmetz is the go-to consultant for bike fitting, coaching, aerodynamics and ergonomic optimization. Steinmetz has worked with some of the biggest hitters in the professional cycling and triathlon worlds. With the likes of pro tour teams  AG2R La Mondiale, Team Sky and pro triathletes Heather Jackson, Craig Alexander, Mirinda Carfrae to name a few from a laundry list of some of the best in the sport. 

Steinmetz pursued extensive education including a Masters in the field of Exercise Physiology and Human Performance from Ball State University. After completing his education and making the pilgrimage to Boulder Colorado, a mecca of endurance sports in North America, he began to work with Retul advising in the development of their fit systems. 


While working with Retul Steinmetz began to foster and develop advisory and moreover coaching relationships with athletes that would go on to win world championship titles under his guidance. It was shortly after this time when Mat was dubbed by Inside Triathlon magazine as the “speed technician” and named one of the top ten most influential people in Triathlon.

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