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Learning Through Experience

The photo above is the Gold Hill loop. It's one of my favorite rides in Boulder. You can do it on pretty much any bike. We got a break in the weather this week so I took the MTB out for a hot lap.


I've always believed that it's easier to advise others when you've experienced things for yourself. That's why as a coach and bike fitter, I still race and ride a variety of bikes.

I do best when I choose a very objective and logical path and then see if I can follow my own advice.

Can I practice what I preach?

About 9 months ago, my wife gave birth to out daughter Eve. I ignored the impact that this would have on my routine for the first 6-8 months, but it's finally caught up to me.

I talk a lot about triathlon fitting within your, work, social activities, daily tasks, etc. Up until recently, I've had no problem fitting it all in. However, I reached the point last month where triathlon started to become a stressor and was creating tension at home. I was letting low priority, but necessary items slip.

My wife pointed out that when she'd ask me to do something, I'd complain about not having enough time...BUT, I always managed to get my daily dose of training in.

I have the green light to train the house down as long as I'm pulling my weight within the family.

I had plans to race St. George 70.3, but have decided to pull the plug and remove the pressure to try and get race fit during the winter. I'll instead focus on getting ahead on other work and family related items so that I can train during the best part of the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Many of my clients have similar lives as to what I've described above. As I age and gain experience, rather than just saying it, I'm living it. I've gained empathy for my clients through my own experiences, making me better at my craft.


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