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Coaching Philosophy: Endurance Junkie

I recently did a podcast with Endurance Junkie - Click Here - to listen.  Peter asked me a question about my coaching philosophy and I've been thinking more about it.  When I answered the question, I kept it simple, but wanted to elaborate a bit more on the topic.

To be honest, I don't really have a singular philosophy.  I'd call it an adaptable philosophy based on the type of athlete I'm dealing with.  I've been a student of the the sport and have learned a lot from other coaches and athletes along the way.  Every year you learn more and come away with new ideas and approaches...adding new plays to the playbook.  This gives you the ability to use the best method for an athlete vs "A" method for all athletes.

I coach athletes of all levels and abilities.  That's not just some marketing spiel to attract new business.  Right now on my roster, I have...

  • Never done a triathlon

  • Teenager racing draft legal sprint distance

  • Olympic hopeful

  • Pros trying to win long course world championships

  • Pros trying to breakthrough

  • Athletes winning their age-group

  • Athletes that race well at HIM distance trying to figure out Ironman

  • Athletes looking for self improvement that race for fun and health

  • Time constrained athletes with performance goals

I can't approach this diverse group of athletes with a singular philosophy.  They all have different lifestyles, motivations, desires, ability, athletic backgrounds, etc.  I don't believe that we are all unique snowflakes when it comes to training, but I do have different approaches/philosophies for each of these athletes. 


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