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Behind The Scenes: Liz Kruetz

Award-winning photographer Elizabeth Kreutz gained unique access to Craig Alexander the last few days as he prepares for tomorrow’s race, and shared her images with us here. From swims to photoshoots, autographs with fans to last-minute bike fine-tuning, we get a look at the busy days ahead of Alexander’s world title defense. Says Kreutz of her experience the last few days with the defending champ: “I know the world of triathlon really well. I’ve shot triathlon for over 15 years, I’m married to a pro triathlete, James Bonney, and have been Lance’s photographer for several years. So was a natural fit when approached by Lava Magazine about following Crowie and his coach Mat Steinmetz in their preparati

on for this year’s Hawaii Ironman. When I met him, he said “You may not remember, but we actually met at the St. Croix triathlon in 2002 when your moto driver’s helmet fell off.” I’ve been photographing him on the race course for 10 years, so it was great to get to know him and his family on a personal side. He was very comfortable with the camera, and was a lot of fun to shoot. I’m looking forward to photographing him, and the rest of the pro field, on Saturday. Hope you enjoy the images.”

Click Here to view galleries on elizabethkreutz.com

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